Best Places to Travel in South India

best travel spots in south india for some respite from its scorching sun.

Best Places to Travel in South India

As the heat of summer starts to heat up across India, escape into these best travel spots in south india for some respite from its scorching sun. These summer destinations feature lush landscapes, cultural heritage and swaying palms to rejuvenate both body and mind.Discover history that never fades at Hampi with its grandiose ancient temples and ruins, along with Badami, Aihole, and Pattadakal which offer even more.


From charming temples to placid backwaters, Best Places to Travel in South India is filled with natural beauty and cultural traditions that welcome travelers from around the globe. Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Karnataka boast stunning hill stations for unforgettable travel experiences that offer rejuvenating travel experiences.

Warangal, located in Telangana state, is an impressive historical location containing stunning monuments from the Kakatiya empire. Here visitors will find numerous 13th century star shaped Shiva temples such as Bhadrakali temple and Thousand pillared temple. Warangal Fort remains another popular draw with its Kala Thoranam eagle displayed prominently at its gates giving this castle its distinct identity.

Hampi, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in Warangal, is another must-see tourist spot. The picturesque ruins of this ancient city transport you back to 15th and 16th century architecture. Additionally, you can also visit Hampi Safari to enjoy various adventure activities like river rafting, trekking and rope walking.


Chikmagalur, located in the Western Ghats, is an idyllic hill station for hikers to discover. Boasting numerous trekking trails for exploration, it also boasts gorgeous coffee plantations views as well as panoramic vistas of its hills. Chikmagalur is also one of India’s premier natural locations – making this visit one of the top places for nature enthusiasts!

Gokarna beaches provide breathtaking scenes, featuring white sand and coconut palms swaying lazily in the breeze. Gokarna is also well known for its ancient temples which serve as pilgrimage spots for Hindus.

Coorg, in South India, is another great holiday destination, featuring breathtaking waterfalls and lush rain forests, luxurious resorts located at incredible spots, adventure enthusiasts who relish coracle boating or white water river rafting experiences, temples dedicated to Lord Shiva as well as scenic hikes through lush rain forest terrain.


Hampi, situated on the Tungabhadra riverbanks, is an unmissable historical treasure for history enthusiasts. As a UNESCO World Heritage Site, it features remnants from Vijayanagara – once one of India’s most powerful kingdoms – as well as temples, royal palaces, market streets and aquatic structures such as the Virupaksha Temple and Mahanavami Dibba which stand out among them all.

Ruins of this ancient city are scattered with ghats and shrines dedicated to various gods and goddesses, as well as several ancient pillared mandapams, elephant stables, and treasury buildings that house various forms of worship.

Hampi villagers now rely on farming and tourism for income; yet they still manage to retain much of their traditional charm despite having backpacker huts, pizza joints, and shops selling tie-dyed tees.


Coorg or Kodagu, known as ‘the Scotland of India,’ is an idyllic naturalist’s haven. Home to picturesque hamlets, lush coffee and pepper plantations and breathtaking views of the Western Ghats mountains range, its captivating beauty draws tourists from across India.

Apart from its natural beauty, there are also several places of interest in this region. One such attraction is Raja’s Seat which provides a breathtaking panorama view of this town nestled amid misty valleys and towering hills.

Coorg is well known for its trekking trails and waterfalls, making it a prime location for adventure activities like camping and white water rafting. There are also wildlife sanctuaries and nature reserves where visitors can spot various animal species; among these is Abbey Falls which cascades down hilly mountain cliffs of Kaveri River into Kaveri Bay during monsoon season, offering visitors another highlight of Coorg.

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