Costa Rica Travel Itinerary One Week

Costa Rica is well known for its lush tropical environment and thrilling adventure sports

Costa Rica Travel Itinerary One Week

Costa Rica travel itinerary is well known for its lush tropical environment and thrilling adventure sports – this itinerary packs them both into a week-long trip.Arrive in Quepos and purchase tickets to Manuel Antonio National Park. Explore its jungle trails before unwinding at one of its beaches – between January-March or July-October you could even join a whale watching tour!

San Jose

Start off your Costa Rican trip off right with an unforgettable day in San Jose, the capital city. Begin your morning as locals do with a cup of coffee and an authentic Costa Rican breakfast of Gallo pinto (rice, beans, scrambled eggs and plantains).

After breakfast, venture over to Plaza de la Cultura – the cultural heart of downtown San Jose. Here, you’ll be able to visit the National Theater (Teatro Nacional), constructed in 1890s with ornate decorations and stunning interior; or visit the Jade Museum which boasts an extensive collection of ancient pre-Columbian jade jewelry carvings and tools.

San Jose Urban Tours also provides walking tours of downtown San Jose. Their daytime ‘Bites and Sights’ tour ($32 USD), as well as evening food and cocktail tours that include visits to local markets. If you prefer exploring on your own, Central Avenue is an ideal street where art and craft markets as well as Democracy Plaza can be found.


Tortuguero National Park, often dubbed the Amazon of Costa Rica, offers visitors a wildlife paradise full of sloths, iguanas, poison dart frogs and monkeys – among many other creatures! As one of Costa Rica’s premier attractions. Tortuguero offers one of its top tourist spots.

Tortuguero Island serves as an important nesting ground for green sea turtles, and visitors to Tortuguero may witness these marine reptiles laying eggs or hatching on its beaches. To make the most of your visit here, consider staying at a lodge within the park – some offer packages including accommodation, meals, canal tours deep within the park, village tours and much more!

As with our other recommended destinations, Tortuguero National Park should be experienced through guided tour. A guide can make sure that your experience is maximized while helping you spot more animal species than would otherwise be the case on your own.

La Fortuna

La Fortuna, nestled beneath Arenal Volcano, is an inviting town that embraces “Pura Vida”. Visitors to La Fortuna can soak up Costa Rica’s picturesque landscape while unwinding in natural hot spring pools surrounded by verdant rainforest.

Explore authentic Costa Rican cuisine at family-owned sodas and indulge in its world-renowned coffee in cozy cafes. If you want something extra exciting, head out into the Venado Caves where an abundance of animals inhabit this part of Costa Rica can be discovered.

Ziplining provides another great way to see Costa Rica from above; take part in a cooking class or salsa dancing lesson for an immersive experience, and add world-class whitewater rafting and Indigenous culture excursions as part of your itinerary!


Monteverde, Costa Rica’s ecotourism hotspot located amid the mist-shrouded mountains of the Cordillera de Tilaran, boasts cloud forests, exotic birds, suspension bridges and adventure attractions to meet nature in all its glory.

Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is a biodiverse oasis filled with tropical biodiversity, boasting 400 different orchid species. Additionally, this site is one of the best places in the world to spot the resplendent quetzal bird which is revered by various cultures around the globe.

This region boasts accommodations to meet every budget, from luxury hotels tucked into rainforest canopies to eco-friendly lodges offering breathtaking cloudtop views. Some hotels even provide night walks led by trained guides so guests can spot stunning nocturnal wildlife! Don’t miss the Frog Pond Ranario either; here visitors can learn all about frog lifecycle.

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