Is Peru Safe For Solo Female Travellers?

Peru is a top travel destination, known for its Michelin-star restaurants,

Is Peru Safe For Solo Female Travellers?

Peru is a top travel destination, known for its Michelin-star restaurants, traditional living cultures and impressive archaeological sites. However, as with any destination there can be safety threats such as petty crime and undesirable neighborhoods that should be taken into consideration when visiting this beautiful nation.

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Safety Tips for Women Travelling Alone in Peru

Peru is becoming an increasingly popular travel destination for solo female travellers, as its safe streets and abundance of amazing landmarks make for a fantastic travel experience. But as with any destination, it’s wise to take certain safety precautions.

Women travelling alone face one of their primary worries in Latin America – street harassment caused by male chauvinism and machismo, and compounded by foreign clothing being seen as fair game, leading to unwanted attention such as whistles, catcalls and compliments from passers-by.

To combat this issue, it’s wise to dress modestly and avoid wearing anything revealing. Additionally, it is advisable to choose well-lit areas and use reliable taxi services when possible. Petty crime such as pickpocketing or bag-snatching is always present, making it essential that one keep an eye on their belongings at all times; especially at tourist spots or public transportation hubs where crowds may form.

Street Harassment

Peru may seem safe for solo female travellers, but street harassment still occurs occasionally. To reduce risk and stay safe while exploring Peru on your own, take precautionary steps such as staying in busy areas at night, keeping valuables safely tucked away from prying eyes, using only reliable taxi services booked through hotels or apps like Uber – be mindful of your surroundings.

Respect local customs by greeting with a handshake or kiss on the cheek, showing respect to older individuals, and asking permission before taking photos of locals as this could be seen as intrusive and against their personal, cultural or spiritual beliefs.

Finally, it’s wise to brush up on basic Spanish phrases and keep a list of any allergies or dietary restrictions with you. Also recommended is drinking only bottled water due to concerns over hygiene standards being met in tap water supplies.

Petty Crime

Peru is known for some of the most iconic landmarks in Latin America, from Machu Picchu to Lima’s delicious food scene. Additionally, hiking enthusiasts flock to Peru’s Andean mountain trails and jungle areas – providing hikers an ideal adventure experience!

While petty crime may be a concern in Peru, most female travelers tend to enjoy an uneventful trip provided they take appropriate precautions and remain aware of their surroundings – such as keeping expensive items like cameras and tablets out of sight and not flashing them around publically.

Women traveling alone in Colombia’s machismo culture should expect unwanted attention such as catcalls or horn honking from men; though this should generally not be taken as threats or dangerous. They may also encounter smooth-talking local men known as bricheros who attempt to form intimate relationships in exchange for money or valuables – it’s best to try and avoid such encounters altogether or at least be prepared by wearing long-sleeved clothing while walking with someone familiar.

Food Safety

Machu Picchu, listed as a World Heritage site by UNESCO, is one of the premier destinations on any visit to Peru. Experience its beauty by hiking the Inca Trail for an authentic experience or take the train option and view this iconic site in just one day. Be sure to pack extra water, wear comfortable hiking shoes and take frequent breaks during your hikes – these will all ensure a memorable journey.

Machismo and male chauvinism are prevalent in Peru, which may lead to some street harassment for female travelers. Catcalling or other unwanted attention are typically limited; you can protect yourself further by dressing modestly and keeping valuables out of sight.

Making friends abroad can often be an anxiety-inducing reality of solo travel, but making new connections in Peru’s backpacking hotspot is simple! Hostels provide the ideal setting to meet like-minded individuals while day trips and walking tours provide ample opportunity to socialize. When greeting others politely greet with handshake or cheek kiss and respect their age and religious affiliation.

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