Travel and Adventure Vlogs

travel and adventure vlogs provide viewers with a thrilling virtual journey that widens horizons and inspires wanderlust.

Travel and Adventure Vlogs

Video storytelling can be one of the most captivating forms of media available today, and travel and adventure vlogs provide viewers with a thrilling virtual journey that widens horizons and inspires wanderlust.

The Bucket List Family are an experienced travel vlogging duo who document their adventures across the globe. Their videos showcase exciting and unforgettable experiences like attending Mexico’s Exploding Hammer Festival or experiencing a Kambo Cleanse ritual in Brazil.

Mike Corey

Mike Corey is an adventure travel youtuber who takes viewers on eye-opening experiences that go far beyond the typical one-week vacation. His goal is to challenge viewers to overcome fears and explore the world. Mike considers himself a professional adventurer; his unique editing style, cinematic footage and sense of adventure has won him recognition across various social platforms including his channel Fearless & Far.

Christian LeBlanc is another top travel youtuber who encourages others to pursue their passions. His engaging content takes viewers on cultural and culinary excursions in some of the most stunning locales worldwide, while specializing in minimalism, eco-travel, and zero waste travel. Christian has amassed an impressive 1 million subscribers on YouTube – one of the premier travel youtubers today.

Louis Brown

Maintaining an engaging travel channel on YouTube is one thing, but keeping viewers engaged and interested can be quite another. Some of the top travel youtubers have managed to build their audiences using various strategies that keep viewers coming back for more – from cinematic flair to daily vlogging, these digital influencers will surely keep you inspired on your next travel adventure!

Louis Brown has established an impressive following since debuting on YouTube over six years ago with his “say yes” attitude and adventurous travel videos. His lively, upbeat personality shines through on each adventure travel destination covered. Plus, they are well edited with plenty of action-packed clips. Louis is definitely worth subscribing to!

Ben Brown

Ben Brown is a world champion kayaker who now travels around sharing photos and videos on YouTube. His channel blends informative material with cinematic flair, garnering him many devoted followers.

Birmingham-born Aly hopes to inspire people from all backgrounds to live an adventure rather than simply travel it. Her videos are candid and emotive; she captures each location beautifully.

Damon and Joana still share an intense passion for travel despite being penniless; their travel vlogs feature exotic destinations and tasty street food offerings, while remaining engaging without being subject to controversy.

Mark Gee

Travel YouTubers are showing people around the globe how to embrace life with adventure and exploration. Vlogging allows these adventurers to connect more closely with their audiences while bringing the joys of world travel right into your living room!

The Gee Family are just your average family who travel all over the world as Family Travel Journalists. Their YouTube channel provides useful advice, with a fun, entertaining vibe.

The Wolter’s World channel provides viewers with honest travel advice that addresses both the benefits and drawbacks of travelling. Their honest advice helps viewers prepare better for their own adventures – visit their website to discover more!

Phil Good

Phil Good (aka Philwaukee) offers his audiences a refreshing perspective to travel YouTube by showing solidarity with fellow black travelers while spreading positivity across Europe. His goal is to show solidarity among all travelers while spreading joyousness across his videos.

Lost LeBlanc stands out from other travel channels by creating videos with striking visuals and captivating stories that mesmerize viewers. His vivid vlogs feature breathtaking destinations and local traditions from around the globe, inspiring viewers to travel more.

His videos also challenge incomplete perceptions spread by mainstream media, providing more informed and empathetic perspectives of places such as Venezuela, Somalia, North Korea and Iran to increase our knowledge and empathy. No wonder his channel has attracted such an impressive following – truly an inspiration!

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